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ERASMUS+ Student Mobility

Dear students, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. Information for students who wish to realize their mobility at our University can be found here.

Courses in English language and course descriptions in the winter and summer semester 2022/2023 are available here:

Graduate (Master) level:

Course Title Lecturer UNI – Code ECTS Semester
Health Education And Health Promotion Iva Sklempe Kokic 229043DIPLOM 3 Winter
Motor Learning And Control Iva Sklempe Kokic 219305DIPLOM 4 Winter


Undergraduate (Bachelor) Level

Course Title Lecturer UNI – Code ECTS Semester
Injury Prevention In Kinesiology Activities Iva Sklempe Kokic 218913 5 Summer
Kinesitherapy Iva Sklempe Kokic 231231 3 Summer
Basics of Kinesiological Transformations Hrvoje Ajman 226566 6 Summer
Theory and Methodology of Athletics Hrvoje Ajman 226573 5 Summer
Theory and Methodology of Sports Games 1 Hrvoje Ajman 226650 5 Winter
Theory of training Josip Cvenic  226582 5 Summer
Kinesiological Analysis in Fitness Josip Cvenic  218881 5 Summer
Animation in Kinesiological Recreation Josip Cvenic 255044 4 Summer
Theory and Methodology of Sports with Racket Josip Cvenic 257995 4 Summer


ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility

Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek welcomes teaching and non-teaching staff from all over the world into its academic community. Information for incoming staff mobility can be found here.


Contact person for Erasmus+ mobility
Asst. Prof. Iva Šklempe Kokić
Vice Dean for Research and International Cooperation