Mission and vision

Misson of the Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek

The mission of the Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek is to enable the highest academic standards in scientific and teaching activities and to ensure that students acquire competencies in accordance with the needs of sports, society and national development.

We contribute to the development and social inclusion of creative and competent professionals, scientists and students in all fields of kinesiology and related scientific disciplines, respecting the needs of the labor market and society as a whole.

By cooperating with related domestic and international higher and public institutions, institutes and sports federations, the Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek promotes sports and encourages the advancement of teachers and students by joining the European higher education area through international cooperation and mobility programs for students, researchers and teachers.


Vission of the Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek

The Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek strives to improve the quality of higher education and will develop study programs, projects and lifelong learning programs in accordance with the needs of society and sports as global universal values.

The Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek will strive for::

  • creating new knowledge in the field of kinesiology, sports and related scientific disciplines based on the competence approach, learning outcomes and principles of lifelong learning.
  • encouraging and strengthening an innovative interdisciplinary culture, encouraging excellence in research, the quality of higher education, especially in the academic and sporting achievements of students, respecting academic values and ethical principles.

The Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek is the only higher education institution in the field of kinesiology in Eastern Slavonia that educates staff for all areas of applied kinesiology based on the latest scientific and professional knowledge. The Faculty bases its work on high academic and ethical values, on knowledge based on research and professional expertise, and on optimal infrastructural conditions. The Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek significantly contributes to the improvement of sports, sports recreation, physical and health education of pupils and students and the continuous improvement of the quality of active life and health of Croatian citizens.