Scientific and research activities represent fundamental activities of the Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek. The strategic goal of the Faculty is to improve the quality, recognisability and international visibility of scientific and research activities with the aim of generating new scientific cognition in the field of kinesiology and related disciplines. The scientific activity of the Faculty is an area that, due to its short existence, has yet to achieve its full realization. Stronger dissemination of scientific and research productivity is expected in the forthcoming period.

The achievement of the Faculty’s scientific excellence is based on strengthening of scientific and professional competences of teachers and other employees, involving students in scientific activities, connecting with the local community, but also with the institutions in the European Research Area, and improving the Faculty’s research infrastructure.


The priority scientific and research areas of the Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek determined by the Strategic Program of Science and Research for the period 2022-2026 are:

  1. Sports kinesiology
  2. Kinesiology education
  3. Kinesiology recreation and fitness
  4. Kinesitherapy and adapted physical activity
  5. Interdisciplinary research in kinesiology.