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Interlibrary loan

The interlibrary loan service is a service that obtains library items that the library of the Faculty of Kinesiology does not own, from libraries in Croatia and abroad, and for the needs of scientific and professional activities and specialization. Users can borrow, scan or copy items from other libraries in Croatia or abroad. Interlibrary loans are provided in accordance with international and national rules, in accordance with the Copyright  and Related Rights Act (“Official Gazette”, No. 167/03, 79/07, 80/11, 125/11 and 141/ 13), and the Ordinance of the Library of the Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek.

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Bibliometric services

According to the Ordinance on the conditions of election to  scientific titles (Official Gazette 28/2017), the Library of the Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek issues Certificates on the representation and citation of papers in the databases prescribed by the Ordinance and other indicators on scientific journals, as well as other bibliometric data prescribed by the provisions of this Ordinance. The library issues Certificates for researchers of the Faculty of Kinesiology Osijek. The library issues a Certificate on the representation and citation of researchers and a Certificate on the status of journals with indexed papers in the relevant databases. The representation of scientific papers is checked in the relevant databases prescribed by the Ordinance. Citation refers to the total number of citations of published papers in the citation databases prescribed by the Ordinance (WoSCC, Scopus, Google Scholar). Databases that are available as part of a national or university license at the time the certificate is made are searched, being accessed via the Portal of electronic resources for the Croatian academic and scientific community of the National and University Library in Zagreb.



The Croatian academic community is given access to databases that are under the National License via the Portal of Electronic Resources.

Access to databases outside the institution is possible through the NSK Proxy server and Shibboleth login. Access to the databases is possible by logging via AAI@EduHr electronic identity owned by the employees, teachers and students of each institution within the Ministry of Sciences and Education system.




The digital repository is a collection in a digital form, which permanently stores and provides free access to scientific, research, intellectual and creative production created by the institution, i.e. its employees and students. Final and graduation theses of students, dissertations, pre-print papers, scientific and professional papers, research data, books, teaching materials, images, video and audio recordings, presentations and digitized materials can be stored in the repository.



The national repository combines the content of all repositories of final theses defended in higher education institutions – universities, faculties, polytechnics and colleges. ZIR has been established as a result of cooperation of the National and University Library in Zagreb, SRCE and several libraries of higher education institutions.